February 20

Performance in response to the NVFAA exhibit
Bits and Pieces is a performance of new works inspired by artworks by Oenone Hammersley and Darren Smith, alongside recent repertory about attraction and partnership.
  • Horizon Miguel – A work by Company | E artist Horizon Miguel, “8H Aquarius Moon” is an exploration of a personal, astrological placement and its relation to affection, intimacy and validation.
  • Andie deVaulx – A premier work “Armchair Traveling” examines the Paris Metro Soundlandscape via the desire to travel, in mind, if not in body. The work is performed by Forty+, dancers past the age of 40.
  • Oenone Hammersley – “the focus is on our natural resources in particular water and trees.”  Visual artist Oenone Hammersley’s spoken-word descriptions are layered with movement and sound created by Jane Franklin.
  • Philip Baraoidan“Tales of Moria” choreographed by Philip Baraoidan is a work that explores the consequences of fate meddling in relationships. With weight-sharing, touch, and fluid movements, fleeting partnerships emerge and dissolve.
  • Darren Smith – “My work rewards the viewer with visual surprises.”  Smith’s photographic works inspire Jane Franklin’s fractured and reconstructed movement. Comforting symmetry contrasts with the unexpected.

The Athenaeum, home to Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association
201 Prince Street, Alexandria VA 22314
Sunday February 20, 2022 @ 5:00 pm 

Tickets: $20

(25 seats -purchase today to reserve your space)
Masks are required.
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Jane Franklin Dance

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