Season Kick Off

Family Photos (2021)
Dancers are paired with projections, images from the performer’s childhood or from a past generation. The dissolving images hint at the passage of time and the persistence of change.  The audience observes from the enclosed space of the smaller gallery, and then follows the dance as it resolves in the main gallery.
Choreography: Jane Franklin in collaboration with the performers
Video: Jane Franklin,
Music: Steven Rogers, Luna Music
Dancers: Philip Baraoidan, Carly Johnson, Kelsey Rohr, Brynna Wilder,
Amy Scaringe

Resilience (premier)
The piece examines a relevant theme of change as we move from Covid-19 restrictions to rediscoveries. The work is performed by Forty+, dancers past the age of 40.
Choreography: Roxann Morgan Rowley in collaboration with the performers
Music: “The Way” Sapajou
Dancers: Colleen Bergeron, Susannah Keefe, Elisa Kosarin, Claudia Maloney, Peg Schaefer

Tales of Moria (premier)
Commissioned by Jane Franklin Dance, to open the 2021/2022 Season, the piece explores the consequences of fate meddling in relationships. With weight-sharing, touch, fluid movements, the dance weaves a story of fleeting partnerships.
Choreography: Philip Baraoidan
Dancers: Philip Baraoidan, Carly Johnson, Kelsey Rohr, Brynna Wilder,
Amy Scaringe

Join us for wine and packaged snacks post performance.  Learn about plans for the coming season of productions and educational outreach and chat one-on-one with the director and performers.

Special thanks: NVFAA at the Athenaeum, Veronica Szalus Executive Director

**In-person audience must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of start of the show.  Masks are required.

Jane Franklin Dance

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