Family Shows

Family friendly shows combine movement, text and music to tell a story.  Narrative performances, adapted from books, invite audience participation with relatable story lines and lots of good fun.
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Adapted from the book by Elizabeth Spires, The Big Meow is the story of an ever-hopeful fluff-ball who desperately wants to belong to the band of neighborhood cats, but is ostracized for a “loud as a lion’s roar” meow.


Incorporating spoken word, movement, music this family friendly story is about a new puppy, Barky.  “Doggone it.  This is a fun show!” Wendi Winters, DC Metro Theater Arts


The whole family is sure to enjoy Splatter, a story about emotions inspired by the book by Anna Llenas.  Explore a range of emotions in comparison to color.  You’ll feel better by the end just knowing what it is that you feel.

Jane Franklin Dance

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