2020 Virtual Shows

The unusual restrictions of covid-19 brought about different methods to connect with audiences .  Several platforms helped us to present live stream performances through 2020.
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a Nov 7, 2020 performance from Inner Ear, a recording studio founded in Arlington, Virginia by musician and recording engineer Don Zientara.
Bonus Features – 
Inner Ear Studios tour and a Forty+ work by Brynna Wilder.


1X7 – inspired by a NVFAA exhibit about the pandemic. Wire Works – a collaboration with visual artist Ellyn Weiss. Do Not Touch – it’s not just covid-19 that limits the touch.
Fightin’ Words – with music by American fiddler Patrick McAvinue. Bonus Features – On the Road favorite outdoor spots

“Season Kick-Off” presented via Zoom on Sept 12, 2020.
Auto-Audio – in the parking lot, illuminated by headlights.
I Can Cook Too – a jazzy dance for camera.
Do Not Touch (excerpts) – performed in real time and from Arlington Arts Center
Bonus Features – On the Road favorite outdoor spots and a parking lot excerpt at Arlington Arts Center

“Real Time” presented via Zoom on July 25, 2020.
Thorn in My Side – inspired by cartoon character Yosemite Sam.
You and Me – a groovy piece by Kelsey Rohr.
Border (excerpts) – stories about barriers
Branchscape – delicate suggestion of natural cycles by Becca Weiss(bonus piece)

Applied Forces – inspired by land art by Mike Dax Iacovone, from an installation at Arlington Arts Center
Hoopla – A new work for Forty+ by Emily Crews
Inside Out A Part – opposition transformed by place and distance with music by Monstah Black
Shorthanded (excerpts) – key cultural practices and popular technologies of the time — from shorthand notation and paper dolls, to cassette tapes and VHS


Dances from a May 30, 2020 Viewing Party featuring a work by Brynna Wilder choreographed for Forty+, a 2019 dance inspired by the work of visual artist Fax Ayres, and Going Polar featuring live music by Mark Sylvester

Jane Franklin Dance

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