Only You Broadcast

Only You, a season-ending performance takes place at Arlington’s blackbox Theatre on the Run in the heart of the Green Valley neighborhood. Only You, the pop song originally recorded by The Platters conjures up thoughts of romance. The familiar melody and lyrics are a shared cultural reference with a song that can be sung, if not out loud, with some part of it in mind. Connection is certainly a jumping off point for this collection of dances which explore networks, reciprocity and even the intimacy of surroundings. Join us for a concert of new and recent works by Philip Baraoidan, Emily Crews, Krystal Collins, Jane Franklin and Robert J. Priore.


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For our June show, Only You, Jane Franklin Dance is partnering with our peer organization, Doorways, to raise awareness of intimate partner violence in our Arlington community. Doorways’ mission is to create pathways out of homelessness, domestic violence, and sexual assault, leading to safe, stable, and empowered lives. As Only You explores the intimacy of relationships, we know that, at times, intimacy comes with conflict. Doorways is Arlington’s response to intimate partner violence, and we are honored to use our stage to promote their powerful work. To learn more about Doorways, please visit

Jane Franklin Dance

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