Going Polar Online Party Postponed

The online party scheduled for June 6, 2020 at 7:30 pm is postponed.

Jane Franklin Dance has long believed in the power of using dance to build bridges: between young and old, between long-time residents and immigrants, between local businesses and neighboring families, between dancers and our audiences.

It is clear that our nation is struggling to build bridges. We acknowledge the pain and disadvantages experienced by people of color in our country. We recognize that many of us do not experience the same threats and disadvantages. Only by sharing our stories and committing to find solutions will our nation heal and be strengthened.

We affirm that Black Lives Matter and we stand in solidarity for human rights. We ask you to become a bridge builder in whatever way you can.

Please reach out to us with your questions and comments.  We hope to bring this event to you at a later date in the coming weeks.

Jane Franklin Dance

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