The Roswell Incident, crop circles, UFO sightings, Area 51 – dive into mystery, imagination and collaborate on out-of-this world movement, theater and visual art. June 24 – 28 Ages 6-10

Rainforest Craft and Create

Experiment with movement and art inspired by the animals, plants, and climate of the tropical rainforests. Perform for family & friends on Friday. July 8 – 12 Ages 6-11

The Big Meow

Be inspired by the story of a Little Cat who has a really big meow. Explore your inner cat through movement, theater and art. Perform for family and friends by the end of the week. July 15 – 19 Ages 5-9 and Aug 5 – 9  Ages 6-11

Camp Cupcake

Are you inspired by tasty treats? Indulge in delicious movement, art and theater and come up with a sweet confection to share with family and friends. July 22 – July 26 Ages 4 – 8

Dance In Places

Explore contemporary movement, hip hop and develop skills in choreography.  Create movement for camera or for a specific location.  Find friends and share ideas July 29 – Aug 2 Ages 9-13

Spirit Animals

Learn about the animal connections in your own lineage.  Explore your relationship to animal favorites and discover movement, art and theater to uncover new ideas and to spark your creativity. Aug 12-16 Ages 7-11