Jeramy Olmack

Jeramy brings a rich and multifaceted background to their endeavors. As a queer individual, Jeramy embraces the use of he/they/any pronouns, reflecting their inclusive and open-minded approach to life. As an active duty Air Force Spouse and Veteran, they possess a strong commitment to service and leadership. Their prior experience as a Google project manager Apprentice honed their skills in project management, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Deeply inspired by their sibling’s successful dance career and personal involvement in high school theatre, Jeramy harbors a profound passion for the arts. This passion led them to join the JDF Board in 2024, where they leverage their experience to support the organization’s growth and champion artist visibility. They value collaboration and believe in working together to find solutions that benefit everyone. Jeramy’s upbringing as a “3rd cultured” Air Force child fostered a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. Their extensive travels across the Eastern Seaboard and Europe; primarily in Texas, England, and Ohio; has instilled in them a strong sense of community and a desire to connect with people from all walks of life. Fueled by their commitment to public service and a vision for a vibrant and inclusive community, Jeramy is currently running for US House of Representatives in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District. They aim to represent the diverse voices and needs of their constituents, advocating for policies that empower individuals, strengthen the community, and create an equitable environment for all inhabitants.

Jane Franklin Dance

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