Carly Johnson


What is your piece about?
The piece is entitled “Perennial” and it is about our relationship with time. Sometimes time seems to move too quickly or it lags, but within that are reoccurring patterns. Patterns (be it our relationships, behaviors, or outside circumstances) are grounding when keeping track of time is difficult to achieve.

How’s the rehearsal process been?
The rehearsal process has been amazing! I am lucky to have four really wonderful dancers who are open to my process. They are willing to be creative and contribute their ideas and movement to the piece, but are also very supportive of my choreography and make me feel excited to make the work. The piece already looks so great on them, I can’t wait to see what their performance is like.

What’s been the most exciting part about working with Forty+?
I think the most exciting part about working with Forty + is that there’s very little inhibition or shyness. These ladies are so familiar with themselves and their dancing that they are game to try anything and aren’t worried about being embarrassed or getting it wrong. They just dance. And that’s something that all choreographers dream of finding in a cast.

Come see Forty+ on Saturday January 25th at 7:30pm as part of BORDER

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